Weedol Gun Fast Acting Weedkiller RTU 1 Litre

Weedol Gun Fast Acting Weedkiller RTU 1 Litre

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Weedol Gun Fast Acting Weedkiller RTU 1 Litre 

Visible results in just 1 hour. Kills weeds in 24 hours.

Treated areas can be re-planted or re-seeded 24 hours after treatment.

Ideal for weeding before sowing or planting vegetables and flowers.

Now you see them – now you don’t! As its name suggests, Weedol Gun! Fast Acting Weedkiller gets to work quickly. You can visibly see the weeds' leaves dying within just 1 hour. It kills annual weeds on contact within 24 hours.

It is the quick, easy and convenient choice for targeting weeds that pop up all around the garden.

Quick replanting Seed sowing and planting can be safely carried out just 24 hours after application, making it a great choice for use before preparing a new flowerbed or vegetable garden as well as throughout other areas of the garden. Do not use on lawns, unless you want to kill the grass as well. The 1 litre readyto-use sprayer is perfect for spot treating small areas of weeds, whereas the 3 litre and 5 litre trigger packs can be used for continuous spraying over larger areas.

Where deep-rooted, perennial weeds are a problem, Weedol Rootkill Plus will be a better option.

Size; RTU 1 Litre

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