Swivel Handle Secateurs Kent & Stowe 70100471

Swivel Handle Secateurs Kent & Stowe 70100471

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Swivel Handle Secateurs Kent & Stowe


Handcrafted, lightweight, swivel handle 8″ secateurs with precision cutting SK5 carbon steel blades.


  • Swivel motion handle for intensive pruning
  • High quality, SK5 carbon steel heat-treated blades
  • Reduces fatigue and effort, allowing you to prune longer in comfort
  • Evenly distributes pressure applied, to prevent the likely hood of repetitive strain injury (RSI) and other related complaints
  • Dual-position catch, allowing you to adjust the span of the handles, making it more comfortable for both smaller and larger hands
  • Wire-cutting notch to cut wires without dulling the blades
  • Sap groove to direct sap away from the blades to prevent them sticking
  • Rubber cushioned shock absorber provides smooth working and soft closing
  • Drop forged, aluminium, lightweight handle with non-slip comfort grip


  • Ideal for long and demanding pruning tasks
  • For the professional pruning of green, live wood
  • Bypass secateurs are not ideal for dead wood as this will blunt the blades


To keep these blades in good condition wipe with an oiled cloth after each use and sharpen when necessary.

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