Refillable Ant Bait Station Neudorff:

Refillable Ant Bait Station Neudorff:

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Refillable Ant Bait Station Neudorff:

  • Active ingredient content 0.015 % w/w spinosad
  • Refillable ant bait stations to control ants on patios, balconies, paths as well as indoors
  • Ants will carry the bait directly into the nest, where it exterminates the entire nest
  • Good visibility of bait consumption due to transparent lid
  • Certified for organic use


  • Place the bait box very close to ant nests or directly onto ant trails
  • To control large ant nest use a minimum of two ant bait stations
Packaging sizes:
2 bait stations, 20 ml ant bait liquid

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use. 

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