Pyrol Bug and Larve Killer Insecticide 750ml RTU Neurdorff

Pyrol Bug and Larve Killer Insecticide 750ml RTU Neurdorff


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Pyrol Bug and Larve Killer Insecticide

Approved by Organic Farmers & Growers Association.

The unique formulation of Pyrol Bug & Larvae Killer* controls a wide range of harmful pests including aphids, whitefly, greenfly, spider mites, mealy bugs, scale insects, leaf hoppers and thrips. It also acts on the eggs and larvae of the insects to provide extended periods of control. The neonicotinoid free products provide highly effective control of pests while being low risk to bees.

Active ingredient content 0.045 g/l pyrethrins, i.e. 0.18 g/l natural pyrethrum

Ready to use spray to control aphids, spider mites, white fly, thrips, scale bugs, wool bugs, mealybugs, cicadas, sitka spruce bugs

Suitable for a wide variety of ornamental plants, vegetables and fruits

Also effective against biting insects like caterpillars, beetles and sheet wasps larvae

Works against mature insects, their larvae and their eggs

Suitable for use in gardens and on allotments

Certified for organic use

Spray plants and undersides of leaves until

Size; 750ml RTU


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