Protect Garden Pepper Dust Animal Repellent 225g

Protect Garden Pepper Dust Animal Repellent 225g

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Pepper Dust is the natural protection solution for your garden. Detering cats and dogs from fouling in and around your garden plants.

    • Ready to use animal repellent
    • Tried and tested formula
    • Deters cats and dogs from fouling
    Contains 100% pepper dust extraction residue a dustable powder formulation

How to use:

Pepper Dust can be used all year round. Use in dry weather or when surfaces to which it is applied are dry. 1. Apply a liberal dusting of Pepper Dust (around 30g per sqm) on the plants and surrounding soil. 2. Thoroughly remove all evidence of previous fouling using a hose or other means. A weak detergent solution on fouled surfaces will help break down remaining odours. 3. Repeat applications twice a week or after rains or high winds.

Precaution of use

This product must only be used for the purpose of repelling cats and dogs. For further information, refer to product label.


Registration name: Pepper Dust

Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use. Pepper Dust contains pepper.

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