Jupiter Apple Tree M26 12 Litre Pot

Jupiter Apple Tree M26 12 Litre Pot


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Jupiter Apple Tree M26 12 Litre Pot

Cox’s Orange Pippin x Starking Delicious.

Large Coxflavoured apples, but a more robust variety.

Sweet, juicy, aromatic flesh. A strong growing tree performing well on all semi dwarf and dwarf rootstocks.

Flowering group 3. Tripliod.Suitable for juicing. Suitable for patio. Picking month early October. Stores until January.

Jupiter is a triploid variety and cannot pollinate other varieties. It needs to be pollinated by another tree of a different variety nearby. You can either plant a self-fertile variety (which will pollinate itself and the Jupiter) or you can plant two pollination partners which must each be of different varieties and be able to cross-pollinate each other aswell as the Jupiter.

Size: 12 Litre Pot


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