Gooseberry Invicta 3 Litre Pot

Gooseberry Invicta 3 Litre Pot


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Ribes uva-crispa Gooseberry Invicta 3 Litre Pot

A very popular variety, vigorous and heavy croppping – producing almost double the yield than that of other varieties. Large pale green berries, smooth skinned with an extremely sweet flavour. Essentially a culinary variety but can also be eaten fresh. The fruit is superb for cooking with as it stays firm, it also freezes well, maintaining shape and colour. Invicta is resistant to mildew and leaf spot.

Eventual height; 5ft. Eventual spread; 1m (3ft). Cropping season Late July/August. Self fertile.

Pruning not required after planting but in subsequent years prune the new growth on the main branches back by 50% and any side shoots back to 5cm (2″). Mulch yearly with well rotted compost or manure to retain moisture and suppress weeds. Water in dry periods. Feed with growmore type fertiliser in the spring. Spray for mildew if necessary.


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