Gardena Combisystem Wooden Handle 3723-20

Gardena Combisystem Wooden Handle 3723-20


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Gardena Combisystem Wooden Handle 3723-20:

The GARDENA combisystem wooden handle allows individual extension of all combisystem tools. the high quality , resilient ashwood from europe damps vibrations and is FSC® 100% certified. The waisted 130cm long handle is non-slip and lies well in the hand. An anodised aluminium tube has plastic coating at the end of the handle  and guarantes a sturdy connection and safe hold of the combisystem tools. The fastening screw with soft plastic components for securing the combisyetm tool is safely attached in such a manner it cannot be lost. The warranty period is 25 years. TIP: For pulling and pushing work, a longer handle should be used; for hoeing Movements, a shorter handle is better suited.


Length: 130cm

Materials: Wood

Warranty: 25 years.

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Weight 2.50 kg
Dimensions 130 cm