Whitecurrant White Versailles Pack of 1

Whitecurrant White Versailles Pack of 1


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Whitecurrant White Versailles Pack of 1 

This popular variety is the first whitecurrant to crop in the season. A heavy cropping variety producing masses of large, shiny, soft pale yellow/white berries in long heavy trusses during mid-late summer. The fruit is deliciously sweet, not as acidic as redcurrant, so is great  for eating fresh or using in a wide range of culinary purposes. White Versailles has a vigorous, upright bushy growth habit with attractive arching canes and serrated three lobed pale green leaves. A very reliable cropper year after year.

Eventual height and spread; 1.5m (5ft). Self fertile.

After planting prune all stems back to 5cm (2″) above the ground. In later years, remove about 25% of the stems to encourage new growth from the base. From the first years growth select 8-10 main stems (leaders) evenly spaced round the bush as in a wine glass. These will remain for the whole life of the bush – about 20 years. Remove any remaining shoots and cut back the 8-10 leaders selected to half their length. In future winters cut back the top most shoot from each of the leaders, remaining 25% of he previous season’s growth. All other side-growths should now be cut right back to within 1cm (1/2″) of the main stems and on these spurs will come the next years fruit. Mulch yearly with well rotted compost or manure to retain moisture and suppress weeds. Water in dry periods. Apply a growmore type fertiliser in the spring.

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