Vitax Q4+ Fertiliser 900g

Vitax Q4+ Fertiliser 900g


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Vitax Q4+ Fertiliser 


The perfect ‘starter’ fertiliser when planting out

In addition to all the normal plant nutrients, it contains added beneficial mycorrhizal fungi which promote strong root development and growth

Can also be used as a very effective base dressing in compost

Natural, organic, sustainable

Developed to give the best possible start to your plants, shrubs and trees,  Vitax Q4+ provides all the advantages of the original Q4 but with the extra benefits produced by additional special components including mycorrhizal fungi, helpful bacteria and a range of plant biostimulants.

The extra components, particularly the mycorrhizal fungi which helps increase nutrient uptake, encourages strong root development to help establish the plants, make Q4+ an ideal pre-planting fertiliser and base dressing for compost.

Q4+ contains all the plant foods and trace elements needed by plants and is suitable for roses, trees, shrubs, fruit, ornamental plants and vegetables.


Q4+ is also the perfect choice for enthusiast growers who make their own peat or coir-based compost.
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