Scotts Rose Clear Ultra 200ml

Scotts Rose Clear Ultra 200ml


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Scotts Roseclear Ultra 200ml

An economical concentrate that combines a systemic insecticide with a systemic fungicide to control pests and diseases on roses and other flowering and ornamental plants. Simply dilute in water and spray onto plants to kill pests such as greenfly and blackfly within 24 hours. Fights existing infections of powdery mildew, rose blackspot and rust and protects new growth from further infestation.

This economical concentrate is diluted in water in a pressure sprayer and its unique 3-in-1 action gets straight to work

RoseClear Ultra kills greenfly, blackfly and other aphids, even those that are hiding away under leaves. It controls existing infections of the key diseases on roses and other ornamentals, namely rose blackspot, powdery mildew and rust. It also protects plants from further infestations of aphids and diseases with a recommended spraying interval of 3 – 4 weeks between applications.

RoseClear Ultra provides the new industry standard and is a vast improvement on the original RoseClear, where re-application was needed every two weeks to give disease protection. Each treatment with new RoseClear Ultra now lasts twice as long.

Nothing could be better than the 3-in-1 action of RoseClear Ultra concentrate. A single spray as soon as you see the first few greenfly or blackfly will kill them within 24 hours so helping to prevent them multiplying into a huge population that could otherwise weaken your plants and disfigure the growth of stems, leaves and buds. The systemic spray will be absorbed through the leaves and move around the plant to give the treated plants, including any new growth, internal protection from both pests and diseases.

If rose blackspot was a problem last year you should collect up and dispose of any leaves that show the tell-tale signs of disease and start spraying your roses early in spring when the new leaves first start to unfurl. This will provide a clean start to the season that can be maintained with more regular treatments. Do not compost infected leaves as the spores will survive and re-infect your prize plants.

Contains triticonazole and acetamiprid

Size: 200ml (Makes 20 Litres)

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