RHS Empathy Rootgrow Gel mycorrhizal fungi 360g

RHS Empathy Rootgrow Gel mycorrhizal fungi 360g


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RHS Rootgrow Gel 360g

(For bare root plants ONLY)

Rootgrow gel is designed to treat bare rooted plants such as hedging, fruit canes, roses and trees.

How to use:

1. Take a large bucket and fill with 4L of water.

2. Sprinkle the contents of the gel powder sachet into the water and stir well.

3. Leave for 5 minutes then add the dry rootgrow granules and stir well. (the granules should be suspended evenly throughout the thick liquid)

4. Dip the plant roots into the solution ensuring even coverage.

5. Lift the plants out and allow the excess to drain back in to the bucket and plant immediately.

Application Rates

Bare Root Plant Size        Ml Per Plant     Treated Plants Per Pack

Cell or Vines                            3                              125-150

1 ft                                            3                              125-150

1-2 ft                                         4                               90-120

2-3 ft                                         5                               70-100

3-4 ft                                         7                                50-75

4-5 ft                                         9                                40-60

5-6 ft                                        10                               35-50

Rose (2-3 ft)                           10                               35-50

Size: 360g

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