Raspberry Glen Magna 5 Canes

Raspberry Glen Magna 5 Canes


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Raspberry Glen Magna 5 Canes

A vigorous summer fruiting raspberry that is an excellent cultivar for the home garden. The upright canes have a large diameter and minimum spines allowing for a simple pain-free picking experience. The fruit is a stunning dark red and their size is exceptional – some berries have been known to weigh in at 7kg! The berries are fleshly, conical, and have a superbly sweet and aromatic flavour. Magna is a high yielder and shows good disease resistance particularly to aphid and bushy dwarf virus. Excellent for freezing. Cropping season; mid July-mid August. Self fertile.

  • Self fertile
  • Planting distance; 45cm apart
  • Crops: mid July-mid August

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