Polypot 9″

Polypot 9″


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Black Polythene Polypot Container

These bags are great if you would like to try a variety of seed potato. You only need one seed, layer about 4" at the bottom with compost and fertiliser, lay the seed potato in the middle then cover with more compost. as the seed potato starts to sprout just keep adding compost and covering the plant. This is what you call earthing. I tried using them this year (2010) i ended up with about 20 varieties all up my border next to the fence. You end up with a crop of about 8-12 from one seed.

Features touching gusset, which benefits the user in the respect of the pot sitting flush to the floor.

This extra stability ensures the pots integrity is maintained in adverse conditions.

Size; 9" x 16" x 15

Litre Capacity approx 131/2

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