Nippon Rodenticide Wheat Bait 150G

Nippon Rodenticide Wheat Bait 150G


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Nippon Rodenticide Wheat Bait 150G

Easy-to-use sachets, ready-to-use bait for the control of rats and mice. Can be used indoors or outdoors, as well as around buildings. Sachets can be placed at bait points where there is rodent activity, such as fresh droppings, inside or near nests and burrows or rodent feeding places. To prevent bait being consumed by other animals, Nippon Rodenticide Wheat Bait sachets should be used in conjunction with tamper resistant bait stations, or bait trays which are immovable and protected against ants and children.

Nippon Rodenticide Wheat Bait:
• Highly effective
• No loose bait
• Can be used unopened or poured into a bait tray
• Contains difenacoum

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