Fine As Rain No 16 Medium Spray Rose

Fine As Rain No 16 Medium Spray Rose


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Fine As Rain No 16 Medium Spray Rose

The no 16 rose is a general use watering can sprinkler, perfect for further on delicate plants. Ideal for watering newly established plants in your garden. This rose has a ‘non-drip’ feature which prevents the rose from dripping when the can is standing after use. Fit the rose on the can spout with the blank area of the brass face pointing downwards towards the ground.  All fine as rain replacement spray heads have high quality brass Faces and are all designed to fit and transform every day watering cans, the medium spray no 16 rose fits most popular watering cans and is ideal for medium to larger cans.

  • Medium holes
  • Round plastic with high quality brass face
  • Suitable for widespread spraying and perfect for established garden plants.
  • Fits most popular medium to larger cans
  • Flexible stem with 3cm diameter hole to attach watering can
  • Face diameter 12cm
  • From Haws – makers of the finest watering cans since 1886

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Haws, Since 1886

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