Camellia Debbie Shrub 4 Litre

Camellia Debbie Shrub 4 Litre


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Camellia Debbie Shrub 4 Litre

Bright cheerful pink flowers on a well shaped plant.

Flowers mid March to end of April

Grows to 150 to 180cm

Camellias are one of the first shrubs to flower in the spring. As they flower when temperatures are lower the flowers come out more slowly and in succession. This provides a longer time to enjoy them and makes them great value. As the flowers go over just nip of the flower and your camellia will look perfect for weeks. Some williamsii type hybrids will even drop their flowers automatically saving you the job.

Size: 4 Litre pot

NB We try our best to keep up with the stock but when it’s the peak of the season it is hard. If you would like to check with the stock before you buy please email If we are not happy with the quality when sending out we will let you know and will refund you.

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