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Autumn planting onion sets are best planted in September. Plant 5-10cm (2-4in) apart leaving 25-30cm (10in-1ft) between the rows. Plant about 2cm (¾in) deep, in drills or merely push the sets into loose earth. Only the tips of sets should show. Cover with fleece to prevent birds uprooting the sets. Remove the fleece once established in the soil. Autumn planting is not suitable for heavy soils prone to waterlogging as the crop is more likely to succumb to disease. Over-wintered onions and shallots greatly benefit from an application of 35g per sq m (1oz per sq yd) of nitrogen-rich fertiliser such as sulphate of ammonia in late winter. This not only enhances growth but can also suppress premature flowering. Alternatively, use dry poultry manure.

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